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The field of professional ethics has had its share of interesting case studies over the years. One such case study was published in the Cornell University Law Review, which focused on a real estate licensing exam. One of the questions that is asked on the licensing exam is, “iates between what is ethical and what would be unethical?” You might think that this would be an easy question to answer; after all, if the licensing board believes that practicing professional ethics is unethical, why wouldn’t someone who works in the licensing bureau have to be unethical too? Unfortunately, in this case, the answer was not as simple. This article will describe the professional ethics case study assignment that was presented in this article as a model for answering licensing exams.

First, the administrator of the licensing agency contacted the individual involved in the ethics case study. After being provided with information about the situation, the administrator was asked to make a recommendation as to how the licensing agency should handle the situation. The administrator recommended that the professional be sanctioned, but he did not believe that the penalty should be severe or even be placed on the professional permanently. After discussing this recommendation with the lawyer who would be representing the professional, the lawyer advised his client to seek advice from the American Bar Association’s professional responsibility committee.

Once the lawyer got back to the office, he made three phone calls to the ABA’s professional responsibility committee, asking them to review the case study. At first, none of the three members responded. Then, one member, a woman who was a member of the legal team working on the case, called the group to ask for their assistance. The four members of the professional ethics case study assignment reviewed the case study and recommended that the professional be sanctioned.

professional ethics case study assignment

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