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The How To Plan & Finish School Assignments video series teaches students how to successfully complete assignments on time, without too much stress involved. This series is geared toward student achievement. In addition to the clear outlined videos, the series includes practice worksheet to build confidence in learning concepts and end-of Module quizzes to help cement the learned skills even further.

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The Digital Learning Curve System helps students master basic techniques of managing time, managing materials, prioritizing tasks, and following a plan. As you implement this system into your school habits, you will find yourself accomplishing more and getting much more done. The system was created by Bill Bass, an award winning high school English Teacher and currently the President of Learning Edge, a company that offers interactive software programs designed to help teachers enhance their classroom practices and raise student achievement. The system is broken down into three phases, which are: Digital Activity Support, Digital Support and Digital Transition Planning. It helps you plan out each phase as you go along and stay focused on your goals of completing school assignments on time and improving your skills.

The How To Plan & Finish School Assignments guide provides instruction and resources necessary for middle school and high school students to effectively complete projects using the step-by-step approach. When students complete projects according to a planned schedule, it helps them build confidence in their ability to manage their time and finish projects on time. It also builds confidence in themselves as well as their ability to communicate with others. They will learn how to communicate with their teammates, prioritize work, complete projects, understand the process of working with others, and understand how they contribute to the overall goals of the assignment. These concepts will be used throughout their entire education.

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