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A General Assignment Reporter Definition, according to the Business Journal, “refers to an article that entails some type of reporting and that is intended to be read and approved for publication.” The Business Journal defined a General Assignment Essay as, “a written work submitted to a business journal as part of a business plan.” As stated by the Business Journal, “Essays are usually submitted to bureaus for free as a means of introducing and marketing their products.”

In addition to the Business Journal’s definition, several other business-related publications define expository essays as, “a written article that briefs the reader on a particular aspect of a subject with reference to that topic but leaves her/him without knowledge of the subject.” For example, The Wall Street Journal defines expository essays as, “a brief article providing information about an aspect of the market (or a variety of aspects) generally not considered by professionals.” Business Daily, a trade journal, also uses the word expository in its definition of the word, while offering the explanation that expository essays “are similar to short stories, but the piece is not intended to be more than four hundred words in length.”

In a review of expository writing by the Associated Press, the writer noted that the definition should, first, cover the nature of the word, which it is “often used to describe a style of article.” Then the AP Style Guide, which is a guide to writing style, uses the word in defining expository essays. Finally, the writer should define what he/she means by the word. The author should explain that the definition refers to “a short essay designed to provide information,” and then give examples of other types of essay that also use the term in their titles. An expository essay, according to the Associated Press, “examines a subject from different perspectives, using various methods of presenting data and presenting the facts in a clear and concise manner.” In light of the previous definitions, it is apparent that the word has a number of distinctions, which are all useful in understanding the many purposes it serves.

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